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Top apartments for rent

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Longwood Towers (NY, 280m2)

$ 510,000

St Vincent Place (LA, 640m2)

$ 120,000

9867 Mill Road (NY, 450m2)

$ 240,000

8901 Marmora Road (LA, 480m2)

$ 750,000

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Where Dreams Are a Reality

If bad credit and a lack of capital make you think that real estate investment is out of reach, you need to think again. How? Ken Letourneau, nationally recognized real estate investor and professional takes you through the step-by-step process.In this four part series, Ken spots a great opportunity -- but lacks the cash and credit. Within forty eight hours, Ken has closed the deal and begun renovating a house. What are the four most important steps in real estate investing? Where can you find capital when your credit is sub-par? How much does he stand to lose or gain? Learn how the most basic guidance can allow you to invest with confidence and most importantly, great financial returns.

Is Your Money Working Hard Enough?

Cal 1st Holding Corp. specializes in flipping houses. Cal 1st is a principal who buys the house and a principal who sells the house. We are not Real Estate Loan Officiers or Real Estate Brokers. Housing has been hit hard in recent times. We look at these new market challenges as opportunities to bring value and equity back to the average investor TODAY.

Cal 1st Holding Corp. has over 15 years experience in the real estate investment market – in both good and bad times. We pride ourselves on running an efficient company. On average, we are able to purchase homes at a deep discount using our advanced research tools and industry common sense.

We respect that a house was some one's home and take great care when we refurbish the Property, making sure that the end result is a sale at or above market value. Our contractors are the best in their industries with years of experience. We refurbish the home with care, bringing it up to today's contemporary design standards. We don't "flip" houses. We create new opportunities.

We place much care in how we turn an under-valued Property into an attractive, safe and welcoming home that will fetch fair market value, even in today's housing market.

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Opportunity Knocks

Ken finds a Property that has potential, but needs to quickly evaluate its worth in today's market. A quick viewing reveals problems and opportunities. But first Ken needs to secure financing, and quickly

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Get the Cash

Ken spots a great opportunity but needs the money. Fast. How do you raise enough cash with a bad credit score and few assets. He goes over the numbers and puts the deal together.

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Fix it Up

Do you need to replace the electrical system or simply upgrade the fuse box? Ken walks through a house that needs a lot of work -- but exactly what and how do you contain costs? Working with contractors, Ken gets to work on flipping the house..

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Does he make back his investment and turn a profit? Anxious investors await the results. Your investment is about to pay off. But what common mistakes do new investors make when selling their newly refurbished homes? Watch as he works to make sure that his investment pays off.

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